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We develop extensions for OpenFOAM with the aim of automating the whole workflow and producing the best possible results. The use of OpenFOAM is not always straight-forward, which is why we have provided a few tutorials to help interested users.
Extensions to other softwares have also been developed at Fraunhofer IWES.
Please follow the public links for codes and tutorials, which are available to all interested users:
* The case setup for the simulations of a DU 91-W2-250 airfoil can be found here (application in 00_calculateCp2D and tutorials in 01_calculateCp2D_tutorial_kkLOmega and 02_calculateCp2D_tutorial_SpalartAllmaras for, respectively, transitional and fully turbulent case). The airfoil is simulated at an angle of attack of 6.24° and a Reynolds number of one million. A fully-turbulent and a transition model can be used. In addition, an application for the automatic extraction of the pressure distribution is also included. Just run simpleFoam and compare the numerical results with the experimental values using the provided Gnuplot script afterwards (experimental values from Boorsma, Delft University of Technology, 2003). The code and tutorials are designed to work with OpenFOAM-4.
* An example of the simulation of the NREL phase VI turbine can found here (03_NRELVI_ST_tutorial_SpalartAllmaras). A fully-turbulent model is used and the simulation can be started with the Allrun script. A parallel computation is performed on 4 cores. The tutorial is designed to work with OpenFOAM-4.
In each folder there is either a README file or an Allrun script helping executing the turorial.
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